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Abstract Contingent Bill

A.G.Kerala Forms

Age Condonation

Allowances Revised

Approval of Appointment Note   

Appendix II   (M.R.Claims)

Arrear Form

Authorisation Letter


Business Statement


Closing Balance Statement

Commuted Leave Proceedings

Condonation of Delay in Submitting Appointment Order

Condonation of Delay in Submitting Maintenance Grant

Conduct Certificate

Confidential Report Proforma II A

Confidential Report Proforma II B

CRC Co-ordinator/BRC Trainer Application

DA Arrears Orders

Dept Test Registration

Dept Test Books

Digital Signature Certificate Request Form 

Earned Leave Surrender Proceedings 

Essentiality Certificate (M.R.Claim)

FBS Advice Form  

Files Arrear List 

Form 10 E

Form 16 

Forms Index

Forms Finance Dept

Forms Miscellaneous I

Forms Miscellaneous II

Forms Miscellaneous III

Forms Miscellaneous IV

Fresh Appointment Joining Report

GIS Closure Form 3 

GIS Closure Form 5

GOs of Yester Years

GPF Annexure

GPF Closure Application    

GPF Conversion Form J

GPF Enquiry Certificate

GPF Form C1   

GPF Form  D 

GPF Form  E 

GPF Form  F 

GPF Form G 

GPF Form H 

GPF Form I 

GPF Form N    

GPF Form J - Closure

GPF NRA Application

GPF T.A.Application  

Grade Option Form

Grade Option Form 28 A

Grade Statement

Indian Constitution

Income Tax Chelan

July 15 Statement

Joining Report

 K E R

K F C Vol I  

K F C Vol I - Index


K S R Vol I

K S R Vol II - Part III - Pension 

K S S R Full Version

K S S R Summary

K S S R - Special Rules - Higher Secondary

Leave Application - Commutted

Leave Application -  C L

Last Pay Certificate - LPC

LWA Service Book Details

Management Transfer Documents List

Medical Certificate

Medical Reimbursement - Appendix II

Medical Reimbursement - Application

Medical Reimbursement - Essentiality Certificate

Medical Reimbursement - Recommendation

NEC (No Event Certificate)


NOC - Passport


Non Relinquishment Declaration

Pension ID Card

Pay Arrear Form

Pay Bill Outer and Inner

Pay Bill Gazatted

Pay Bill Gazatted New TR 46A

Pay Bill Schedules

Pay Certificate

Pay Fixation on Promotion

Pay Revision 2011 Statement and Option

Pay Revision 2004 Statement and Option

Pay Scales from 1958- 2011 

Pay Scales - 2011

Pay Scales of Teachers

Physical Fitness Certificate

Promotion 28 A Fixation Statement 

Property Statement

PSC Certificates


Relieving Order

Relinquishment statement - Govt 

Relinquishment statement - Aided     


Salary Certificate

SBT Net Banking Application

Seniority List Format 

Service Card - LDC

Service Card - Jr. Supdt

Service Certificate

Sixth Working Day Forms

Statement attached with SDO's Last Pay Bill  

SPARK Study Material

Spark Help Blog


T.A. Non Gazatted 

Teachers Pay Scales

Transfer Application

Transfer Application 3 and 5 years

TR-12  Treasury Chelan    

TR- 42 (Bill for Miscellaneous payments) 

TR 46A Gazatted Bill

TR- 51-A (Pay Bill Outer and Inner)

TR.59 (Contingent Grant In Aid,Scholarships Bill)   

TR 59C(Non Salary Bill)   

TR.60 (Abstract Contingent Bill)

TR.61 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill)

TR-108 (Bill for grant in Aid) 

TR-114 (Bill for claiming Scholarships)

UnAided Recognition Application 

Utilisation Certificate    


Noon Meal Forms

K2 Form     NMP -1     Feeding Strength Form     Contingent Calculator    

Contact Form


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